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Events, Experiences, Engagements.

who we are.

8 Stratton Event Management is a Boston-based event management firm working with brands to tell their stories. Clients come to us when they are ready to engage new audiences, stand out in their industries, and build relationships that lead to the longevity of their businesses. Our widespread experience in a variety of events and industries provides an all-around and dynamic perspective for our clients to ensure their events are personalized to their brand story and efficient use of their budget. Paired with our passion for people and events, our methodology reduces stress in the event planning process so our clients can elevate their marketing strategy.
Boston Meeting Management

what we do.

Our team removes the heavy lifting of event planning, allowing our clients to focus on their brand intentions and shine in front of their audiences. No matter the occasion, our clients consistently rely on our experience to anticipate their needs and unknown obstacles that come with hosting an event. As event producers, we transform ideas into reality and elevate every event into a memorable and immersive journey.

Corporate Event Planner

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