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5 Important Considerations with Event Gifting

When it comes to event gifting of any kind, it's important that there is a real purpose behind it! Nothing is worse than giving someone something that they are going to throw away or will get lost in their junk drawer. It's a waste of money and doesn't leave an impression - double waste.

This is truly our morale for Corporate events alike. Thinking through the process of what it will look like and what items attendees will be excited to eat or use - are important pieces to consider. Here are some ideas to help when brainstorming any gift or favor ideas for your event:

Think of the 5 Senses:

Corporate Event Gifting

Taste, Smell, Feel, Hear, See - Ensure that your gift is appeasing to all of these senses! If it's a snack, make sure it tastes delicious and is appealing to most taste buds. Are you going to give a candle or something with a scent? Something

relaxing and neutral (or similar to a scent at your event!), Feel and See are simply to ensure it's something aesthetically pleasing. Stay away from cheesy trade show branded items that look like 15 things they have at home with from different events. And hear?

No annoying squeakers or beeping that their kids

will play with forever!

How would you feel if you received it?

Put yourself in the guests shoes. What would your reaction be if you took it home with you after the event? If you're not super excited - think that through!

What's the purpose?

It's important that event takeaways feel thoughtful and purposeful. Does it have a connection to your event? Is there a connection to your guests? To have a memorable event and gift, these need to feel connected.

Budget and ROI

Now that you have thought about the purpose, you can think about budget. If your purpose is to impress them, you want to make sure you are allocating an appropriate budget to purchase something of value that will resonate with attendees. If the purpose is to give them something to remember your brand, you can probably allocate a smaller budget and get creative with items. You want to ensure your ROI or "return on investment" is coming through and you are allocating the right amount of funds to the takeaway.

How will you give it out?

Thinking through an efficient and presentable way to distribute the gifts is also an important piece to consider. Are they pre-packaged in gift bags or boxes for people to pick up on the way out? Is it something that people can use during the event and take home with them after? Is it something you even ship or mail out post-event as a thank you? Find the best method that works for your event

Corporate Event Gifting


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