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5 Ways to Engage Your Team while Working from Home

As the world quickly changed for us over the past couple years, many companies have had to move all their employees to a work from home model. With no end in sight for when teams will go back to their day-to-day in-office routines, managers have had to strategize innovative ways to keep their employees engaged and connected to their colleagues. While most of us are spending are days jumping from one Zoom call to the next, setting time aside for socializing and non-work connection is important to keeping up your company morale and culture during these uncertain times.

We have been working closely with many of our clients to provide exciting ways to engage with their peers that can continue to contribute to their employees mental health professionally and personally. Even though everyone is stuck at home, there's plenty of ways to continue to bond with your team and promote company culture.

Food/Alcohol Tastings

Believe it or not, you can still host those weekly happy hours featuring a new beer on tap while in quarantine. With many states relaxing their alcohol delivery policies, pick a local winery or brewery to support and send each employee a 6-pack to try on your next Happy Hour. Employees will enjoy getting their free alcohol again and you can learn about the maker behind it! Many of these small business owners are jumping on Zoom calls to tell you all more about the process behind them and the brand story.

Similarly you can do this with food! So many restaurants have upped their takeout and delivery game during this time, so support a local restaurant and send everyone lunch one day to enjoy together over Zoom. Keep the conversation light and non-work related as-if you were sitting in the break room together.

Personalize Zoom Backdrops

At this point we're all joking about the "books" that everyone on CNN must have in their background when conducting an interview. Next time you have a staff meeting, as everyone to dress up the view behind them to reflect their personality. Whether it's a favorite sports team or a band they love, encourage them to use it as an opportunity to share something new about themselves with their coworkers.

Virtual Meeting

Book or Movie Club

Start a book or movie club that gets your team together to talk about what their reading or watching during isolated time. We all are finding ourselves nose deep in books or binging Netflix series, so take it as an opportunity for employees to connect and exchange recommendations.

Get a Pro to Teach a Class

Many small business owners and freelancers right now are looking for gigs to teach online. Hire a yoga teacher to teach a Friday morning class. Find a chef to do a cooking demonstration. Even an art class! So many people are home looking for new hobbies so why not make it an opportunity for you connect your employees!

HACK: Perhaps one of your employees has an hidden talent they can share with the team!

Play a Game​

Many virtual game apps have popped up on the market since quarantine. Houseparty is an App with a bunch of different apps or you can coordinate your own trivia or Bingo game! Everyone is missing their bar nights so bring everyone together for a virtual one!

Virtual Events


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