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Event Planning Tips: How to Measure the Success of a Corporate Event?

It goes without saying that a lot of work goes into producing a corporate event. Because of this, it's import to reflect on the success of your event and evaluate if you met your goals. Whether the goal was to increase brand awareness, sell a product, or build team engagement, planning choices, time, and money can help get you there and measure success. Here are some starting questions to ask yourself after OR even before to ensure you're setup for success.

Event ROI

What Are Your Number Goals?

An easy way to measure success is setting number goals. This can include:Number of attendees, money raised and emails collected for example are parameters you can use to measure your success. Defining these before your event starts based upon what will be worth the investment for you, can help you reflect post-event and determine success.

How Are You Collecting Feedback?

For larger conferences or multiple day events with smaller groups, we highly recommend post-event surveys. Something you can easily send to your attendees to get feedback on their experience. Making it anonymous will encourage more responses and allow you to collect more honest feedback.

What Represents an Engaged Audience?

Measuring the engagement of an audience can depend on the kind of corporate event you are hosting. A smaller meeting or team building event can be easily measured by the immediate reactions of guests. Are they smiling and talking with others? Are they paying attention and interactive? For larger events, tracking attendance through sessions and participating in Q&A sessions are great benchmarks. For any kind of event, social media engagement is a wonderful realtime way to track engagement.

Event ROI


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