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Event Recap: HubSpot Bring Your Family To Work Day

Boston Corporate Event Planner

This was no traditional Bring Your Family to Work Day! The celebration we produced for HubSpot had something for everyone and truly left kids feeling like "wow! my parent's job is pretty coo!" From soft play areas to a dueling piano show and mini-golf to "make your own snack boards," there were plenty of activitie that kept kids entertained and parent's relaxed.

Not only were parent's there with their kids, but other HubSpot employees brought their partners, parents, roomates, friends, and whomever their family is! It truly was a celebration and the opportunity for friends an family to see behind the curtain of all those stories they hear about their coworkers.

Luckily HubSpot has an amazing space that we were able to utilize to bring in all these activities and we made use of every inch. Here are all the activities we included that hopefully can insipre your next family event at work!


For the little ones, this soft play area was a networking area for the little ones! It was buzzing the entire day and kids (and parents) absolutely loved it.


This was a great activity for just about any age! Teens played with each other, Dads coached their little ones and bystanders got to watch!


You can never have enough games when it comes to families! A little healthy competition never hurt nobody :) From Skee Ball to Corn Hole - it kept everyone busy.


We always think of an airbrush tattoo station for kids, but truth be told, it's most popular amongst the adults! Parents got matching tattoos with their kids and had such a ball with it.


What's better than a slushy? Kids LOVE a colorful, sugary treat and for parents? Well some of these came in adult form - with a little booze!


Everyone loves music and especially live music! A dueling piano show was a great way to get everyone involved and sing along to their favorites.


We like to teach them young that nothing is better than a charcuterie board! The make your own snack boards from Boards by Mo' offered a chance for adults to indulge in their favorite cheese + cracker favorites and kids to create their own from playful snacks.


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