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3 Ways Hiring an Event Management Firm Will Change Your Business

Boston Event Planner
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Events are a natural part of the Corporate world. Whether wining and dining current clients, pitching to prospective sales clients, hosting an educational conference in your industry or just an outing with your employees, getting people together for a shared purpose is present in almost every industry.

Most Corporate companies do not have a dedicated event planner on their team. It often ends up falling on the plate of an office manager, sales manager or fundraising manager. In addition to their day to day responsibilities, they have to taken on the heavy lifting of putting together a seamless event that brings a high ROI and impresses the boss.

Obviously we are a little bit bias, but we live in the mindset that you should be able to focus on your job at an event. If you're in sales, you should be free to mix and mingle with prospects and talk about your product at an event, not running around checking if the microphone is setup and the name tags are out.

That's where we come in. We do our job so your can do yours. We handle the heavy lifting of the planning process, ensuring all of the logistics are in place and then we execute them on-site. In addition to just the day to day responsibilities that go into planning an event and bringing it to life on-site, there are many other perks to working with an event management firm that will take your event to the next level AND save your employees the stress so they can be fully present and focus on meeting the business goals for your event.

We've Done This Before

Benefit from our experience. Would you ask one of your employees to fix a toilet at the office? No, you would hire a plumber. You want it done right the first time and want to ensure your business can still function. This is our profession. Just as you want your clients to hire you for your experience, we want the same. All those lessons you will learn after taking it on yourself, we've already learned them. We can't tell you how many times we've had clients tell us "well, you told us this would happen." Even if we haven't worked in your specific industry yet, we know how events work. We can help you for-see those obstacles, anticipate your guests needs and guide you on making the best decisions for a successful event, from experience.

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We'll Save You Money!

There's no doubt about it, events are expensive. Especially if you want to do them right. While we don't operate on discount relationships with our vendors, we know what you need and don't need, and work to ensure you are paying for just that. We also find ways to work added value into contracts with venues, a/v vendors and caterers that benefit everyone. We are able to understand your goals and make sure that your money is going to get you the best ROI possible.

For example: are you pitching to a group of young professionals that you know are going to be focused on the bar all night? Let's make sure there are fun cocktails that keep them engaged and making positive memories about your celebration. They likely won't be as focused on comfort soft seating as a different demographic would be - so let's evaluate that.

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The Logistics are 100% Our Focus

When hosting an event, it's nearly impossible to give 100% of your focus to your guests when you're also answering to a caterer, photographer, venue and more. How can you create engaging and memorable experiences if you're coming in and out of conversations?

When we are there, we take on 100% of this responsibility. We ensure your expectations are met, your vendors are doing their job and you get to be a GUEST alongside your guests. In addition to your guests feeling like they now have a better understanding of your brand messaging, at 100% of our events, guests comment what a well run event it was, which only makes you look even better!

Want to learn more about how an event management firm can help you? Check our capabilities and all the ways we work with our clients:
8 STRATTON Capabilities Deck
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