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5 Sustainable Corporate Event Gifts

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Custom Branded Water Bottles

One of the biggest themes we are seeing in the corporate event industry with our clients is sustainability. Our organizations what to find ways they can make their events more eco-friendly and mindful without sacrificing the quality of their event. One of the line items that is easy to apply this goal is gifting. When it comes to Corporate Event Gifting, there are so many great SWAG items out there that either are sustainable themselves or offer guests the opportunity to incorporate sustainable practices into their own life. Either way, they make people smile, bring your events logo out into the world and keep your messaging going long after the event.

Reusable Water Bottles or Travel Mugs: Provide your employees or clients with high-quality, stylish reusable water bottles or travel mugs. These items can help reduce single-use plastic waste by encouraging individuals to bring their own beverages from home or refill them throughout the day.

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Custom Event Branding
Custom Water Bottles

Plantable Stationery: Consider gifting plantable stationery items like notebooks, pens, and cards. These products are embedded with seeds, allowing recipients to plant them after use and grow flowers or herbs. This not only reduces waste but also adds a touch of nature to their workspace. If the full gift isn't the right fit, use a plantable tag on the gift!

Organic Snack Baskets: Put together baskets filled with organic and locally sourced snacks. Choose products with minimal packaging and ensure that the items are sustainably produced. This gift not only supports healthy eating but also emphasizes the importance of supporting local producers.

Corporate Event Sustainable Gift
Recycled Bamboo Wireless Charger

Bamboo or Recycled Material Products: Bamboo is a highly sustainable material due to its rapid growth and low environmental impact. Consider gifting bamboo-based products such as reusable cutlery sets, bamboo utensils, or bamboo fiber lunch boxes. Additionally, you could opt for items made from recycled materials, such as notebooks crafted from recycled paper.

Charitable Donations in Their Name: Instead of physical items, consider making a charitable donation on behalf of your clients or employees to an environmental or social cause they care about. This approach allows you to give back to the community while aligning with their values and promoting sustainability.

When selecting sustainable corporate gifts, ensure they are made with eco-friendly materials, have minimal packaging, and are produced by companies with strong environmental and ethical practices. It's also a good idea to include a note or card explaining the eco-friendly nature of the gift and why it was chosen, which can help raise awareness and appreciation for sustainable choices.

Happy gifting!


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