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5 Unique Ways to Showcase Your Brand at an Event

When hosting a corporate event, you want to ensure your brand is featured throughout. Strategic use of logos and branded images at an event can help develop a relationship between your attendees and your message that is impactful and long lasting. While signage and on-screen assets are easy and obvious ways to showcase your graphics, there are many other unique and subtle ways that can communicate your brand's message while being entertaining and contributing to the visual story at the same time.

1. Floor Graphics

Whether you use lighting (a gobo) or decals of your logo on the floor of your event space, it can bring unexpected attention to your brand and a particular area at the event. Catching your guests off guard providing a photo op in a place the wouldn't expect it can certainly grab their attention.

2. Cocktails

If your event has a cocktail hour this is a great time to brand. You can put your logo on cocktail signage, stirrers, and glassware, to name a few. Having a signature cocktail with a connection to your brand such as specific colors or, if your brand has a connection to a specific location, choose a cocktail from that area, to go above and beyond.

3. Food and Drink

Most likely food and drink will already be an aspect of your your event, so including your logo or message with it is an interactive way of showcasing your brand. Coffee art and sugar logos in particular are very popular on social media and will encourage guests your brand a chance to be shared outside of the event space.

4. Photo Booth

Depending on the kind of event you are holding, a photo booth can be a useful and interactive way to apply your brand. Pictures can be printed with the brand logo on it, making it memorable. Including social media tags near the photo booth also inspires guests to share their photos on social media, spreading your brand at the same time.

5. Table Design

If your event involves guest seating, including a nod to your brand through the centerpieces is always a great way to continue your message. Implement your brand colors moderately into florals, add a logo to the vase, or create a 3-D option of your logo as the entire piece. You can also add logo to their place settings and include messaging on menu cards or custom chargers. Showcasing your brand can be done simply while still effective.


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