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Top Cities for Sales Retreats

Each year, companies around the world plan annual sales retreats where they brief their global teams on the latest products and strategies and overall hype them up for the year ahead. It's a time to educate, entertain and bond. Finding a destination that is uniquely exciting for team members while also giving managers the opportunity to hold their attention while also invigorating them can get stale after awhile. Outside of the top cities in the country that always come to mind, here are some of our favorites we like to recommend as Destination Meeting Planners.

San Antonio, TX

A cultural hub in Texas, San Antonio is full of opportunities for nightlife, culture, education and great food. With plenty of hotel options lining the Riverwalk, there are great locations to host your meetings during the day and off-site dinners and outings at night within walking distance. It's also tends to location that many people from the east and west coast have not traveled to before, so you'll find some excitement from your team.

Boston, MA

Our hometown, Boston is currently in an crazy evolution. Those that visited it in the past may arrive to find something unfamiliar. While the history and architectural charm has not changed, many innovation organizations have moved their headquarters to the city and added a new buzz resulting in new food, retail and entertainment options. There's always something new and exciting to share with your team! Not to mention the sports teams that offer great outings!

Boston Destination Management

Portland, OR

Portland is a great destination for anyone on the West Coast or Midwest. In addition to the great dining opportunities featuring farm to table specialties and craft cocktails, the local art and green spaces offer interesting excursions during a corporate meeting.

Raleigh, NC

Raleigh has stood as a longtime hidden gem of the east coast. While it is a hub for a lot of businesses, culturally it is the home of many James Beard awards winners offering delicious dining options and unique art and music festivals to get your team interacting during their extra time.

Austin, TX

Food and music. It's really as simple as that. It's Nashville without the littering of Bachelorette parties. So many options for great meals and live music - and with the weather as reliable as its food, it's a great option for companies including golf and other recreational activities into their itinerary.

Austin Destination Management


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